Saturday, February 27, 2010

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To better serve our customers looking forCharlotte area homes for sale and Charlotte area homes for rent, we have added 2 new websites to assist you.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010




202 N. Church St., Mooresville, NC

MOORESVILLE, NC-The Alzheimer’s Association and Home Instead Senior Care are partnering to present screenings of HBO’s “The Alzheimer’s Project” to educate people of all ages, healthcare professionals, community members and families and their loved ones about this disease. South Iredell Senior Center is hosting the events. Both events are FREE.

“The Alzheimer’s Project” is a pioneering 4-part documentary series presented by HBO. This multi-platform series takes a close look at groundbreaking discoveries made by the country’s leading scientists, as well as the effects of this debilitating disease both on people with Alzheimer’s and on their families.

Showtimes are:

February 19, 2010 2:00pm to 5:00pm : The Memory Loss Tapes and Caregivers

February 26, 2010 2:00pm to 5:00pm: Momentum in Science Parts 1 and 2

Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible and progressive brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills. Today, Alzheimer’s disease is the second most feared illness in America, following cancer, and affects over 5 million Americans.

The Alzheimer’s Association is the premier source of information and support for more than five million Americans with Alzheimer’s disease. Through its national network of chapters, it offers a broad range of programs and services for people with the disease, their families and caregivers and represents their interests on Alzheimer-related issues before federal, state and local government and with health and long-term providers. The largest private funder of Alzheimer research, the association has committed nearly $120 million toward research into the causes, treatment, prevention and cure of Alzheimer’s. For more information about the Western Carolina Chapter, call 800-272-3900 or visit the Web site

Home Instead Senior Care is the world leader in providing non-medical in home care for seniors. Their offices in Mooresville and Statesville provide a variety of services including: Respite Care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, Transportation, Personal Care Services (bathing, grooming, mobility issues). Visit their website at or call them locally at 704-924-9909.

Click here for our interactive brochure:

Stuart Madow

Community Service Representative

Home Instead Senior Care

P.O. Box 7138

Statesville, NC 28687

704-799-0655 Mooresville

704-924-9909 Statesville

704-929-8341 Cell

Monday, January 4, 2010

10 Easy Tips To Save Money On Your Home Heating Bills

With energy costs higher than they have ever been in recent history, it pays to find ways to reduce your home heating costs. I put together some tips that are easy, cost effective and will all add up to reduce your home heating bills by a significant amount! You don’t need to be Bob Villa either. Some take just a minute or two. Even small changes will add up to big savings over the course of this cold winter!

Here are the 10 tips that I have personally used to save on my home heating costs:

1. Head down to the basement and reduce the setting on your hot water thermostat by about 10 degrees. I wouldn’t go below 120-115 degrees. The adjustment dial is typically a red knob towards the bottom of the water tank.

2. While you are downstairs, make sure you have clean filters for your central air-heating unit. A dirty and clogged filter will force your unit to work much harder and stay on longer as it struggles to fresh air through the clogged filter to heat the rest of your house.

3. Check your air ducts for gaps, leaks or disconnects. If you have any disconnects or leaks in your ductwork, your heating bills could be 25% higher than they need to be if these gaps were sealed. If you can’t do this on your own, hire a professional. This expert can also clean your ducts for added efficiency.

4. Adjust your thermostat a few degrees lower. Believe me, this really adds up. It may not seem like much of a difference to you, but you will notice the difference when you get a lower bill each month!

5. While we are on the subject of thermostats, consider replacing yours if it is not programmable. The reason is, you can set the thermostat so the temperature setting in your house is lower at night than during the day, when you are awake. Also, if you are away at work during the day, you can set it for a lower temperature and have it programmed to start heating the house a little bit before you come home. These aren’t too expensive and are easy to install and configure yourself.

6. Insulate your attic. Heat rises, right? If your attic isn’t properly insulated, all of the heat in your house (and your money) goes right through the roof. Literally! This does require some effort on your part, but following through on this tip will save you a ton of money over the years. Measure the square footage of your attic and buy rolls of insulation, greater than R-13 but no higher than R-30. Wear a mask and gloves when working with insulation because it irritates the skin.

7. Find those leaks and cracks! If you were to add up all of the small cracks and holes in your house, they would probably add up to a small window, wide open, letting cold air in and hot air out. Take the time to find gaps in windows, doors, pipes, electrical and phone lines, your dryer duct and much more. Put weather-strips around your doors and windows. You can buy insulation foam that comes in a can with a straw at the top that allows you to fill in tight spaces. It expands to fill even the smallest cracks. Of all of the tasks, this was the most fun finding and filling these gaps all around the house.

8. Close the vents in rooms that you do not use. I have one room in my house that is not currently in use. I shut the hot air ducts and made sure the windows and doors were properly sealed to limit energy leakage. Why waste your money heating up extra square footage of your house that you don’t even use?

9. Open drapes and shades for all of your windows during the day to let the sun heat your home. In the evening, pull them back down for added insulation. It is amazing how much direct sunlight streaming into your home helps to heat things up.

10. Your fireplace can help and hurt your heating costs. If you are not using your fireplace, make sure the damper is closed. When it is closed, inspect the damper and feel if cold air is still leaking in. If you are using your fireplace, make sure the heating in the rest of your house is reduced or turned off.

Taking the time to implement these tips will drastically reduce your home heating bills. You can get most of them done in just one day, but the payoff will last for as long as you live there! I followed through on each one of these tips and the following winter, my bills were about 25% lower, saving about $100 a month! So roll up your sleeves follow these tips and start saving money on your heating costs!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why Swimming is the Perfect Exercise for Active Adults and Seniors

There are a many reasons why swimming and water-based exercise may be the best choice for seniors. Water based exercises are second only to walking in lowest rates for injuries. They are commonly used for physical therapy modes for those recovering from major surgery.

Water also provides more options for those who are lacking in general fitness or have a prior injury that makes land based activity difficult. Finally, water based activities work the entire body, serving as a form of both strength training even as aerobic training takes place.

Swimming utilizes nearly all major muscle groups simultaneously, imparting a total body work out. Because of the inherent resistance of the water, swimming develops both muscle strength and endurance, as well as helps flexibility.

Because of its horde of effects, swimming provides almost all of the aerobic benefits of running even as it yields many of the benefits of resistance training thrown in. Because swimming does not put the strain on connective tissues that running, aerobics and some weight-training regimens do, swimming is the kind of low-impact work out that is perfect for seniors seeking to regain or maintain their fitness.

This is a sport especially gentle to those who are physically challenged. The buoyancy factor of water makes swimming the most injury-free exercise available. So it is specifically interesting to seniors, especially those with any type of joint issues. In water, a person’s body weight is reduced by 90% as compared to its weight on land. For example, a 220 pound man will weigh about 22 pounds if he is standing in chin deep water.

Exercises in water can also be done more often because of the low incidence of injuries and it is more effective for exercising the entire body as any movement in water 12 times greater resistance than movement in air.

For the elderly, water fitness is safe, fills the need for exercise, increases a body's range of motion and is a low-impact exercise.

The good news is that there are many choices with the Charlotte and Lake Norman area Metro YMCA's and they have such great deals for our active adults and seniors.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween With The Grandkids

Many neighborhoods in the Lake Norman and the Charlotte area go all out for Halloween. Birkdale and Birkdale Village make it as much fun for the parents as they do the kids.

Being a parent, the hardest part is making your child happy with his/her costume. My wife and I answered that problem with this solution!

Birkdale Village Halloween CostumesBirkdale Village Cute Kids Contest

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lake Norman and Charlotte: Choosing The Perfect Retirement Home

Making the decision to move from the comfort of your own home into a retirement home is not one to be taken lightly and needs a lot of thought and preparation.

So what should be you be looking for?

Peace of Mind

Whether you are able to live without assistance or need extra care, you want to know that you're going to be getting the best and most secure facilities on offer to fit within your lifestyle.

Modern day retirement developments are thought out very carefully with special attention paid to detail, from the style of the property and its natural surroundings, to the distance from local shops, hospitals, transport and social aspects such as meeting clubs and restaurants. Security entrances, 24 hour care lines, smoke alarms and lifts are generally included and designed to make you feel secure and protected.


Special attention isn't just paid to the local amenities and facilities outside your home. In order to live as independently as possible, you need access to everything you'd expect in your own home such as enough space for storage, right down to the types of tap fittings used and the heights of units. These small details mean that you can continue to look after yourself well into your retirement.


To be comfortable, you need to feel at home, relaxed and secure. This is mostly achieved by choosing a good quality retirement home with an active community. These tend to have residents that check on each other and have a wide range of activities.


Cost of living is obviously high on the agenda for many people. While it's usually tempting to go for the cheapest option, that's not always best.

Try to find somewhere within your budget with a clear cost structure so there are no hidden costs. Various HOA fees covering care of the grounds etc. can soon add up causing a great deal of stress and worry. Be sure to understand these fees before purchase.

You want value for money in a location suitable for you, with the facilities you need and a clear idea of what extra charges you will need to budget for. Energy efficiency should be high on the tick list too because the more efficient a property, the less costly it will be.


If you are planning to retire it usually makes sense to choose a location where you already have some form of connection. For example, some people might select a location to be near to family whilst others might select a location which is close to their friends. Many choose to retire to a location because of the countryside - or indeed that very popular option, to be near the sea. Many people select a location on the basis that it is the place where they feel comfortable and of course "gut feeling" may well play an important part in that judgment.

Finally, whatever grounds you might give for selecting a retirement home, it really is worth looking around to see what's on offer. One of the best places to start is by contacting an agent that has knowledge of retirement living communities in the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Long Term Care: Not For Women Only

Rhonda Halford and Diane Hartigan, Licensed Long Term Care Specialists are holding four seperate workshops.

Guest Speaker will be Kelley McGowan who has 25 years experience in Gerontology and has spoken nationally about long term care issues.

Long Term Care is not something we want to talk about? Consider this: 70% of us by 65 will require long term care. The cost of long term care today in NC is approximately $5500+ per month and the cost keeps rising.

People need to know how to avoid the very possible "What Do I Do Know?" question!

The workshops provide up to date information on:

1. How do you protect your assets and avoid being a burden on our spouse or children?

2. What will and won't Medicare cover with respect to the cost of long term care?

3. How will you pay for a nursing home should you or your spouse have need of one?

4. Can you select 'In Home Care","Assisted Living Facility Care" and Nursing Home Services?

5. Who do you turn to for help should you or your spouse suddenly need long term care?

The workshops schedules:


2:00 PM Churchill Senior Living 140 Carriage Club Drive, Mooresville, NC
4:00 PM Churchill Senior Living


2:00 PM Birkdale Golf Club 16500 Birkdale Commons Pkwy, Cornelius, NC
4:00 PM Birkdale Golf Club

Space is limited so please RSVP: (704) 483 2523 or email